Midland Valley Field Trip

Midland Valley Old Red Sandstone Two days – 29 and 30 June 2024 This field excursion will examine the late Silurian to late early Devonian continental succession (the Lower Old red Sandstone (LORS)) exposed south of the Highland Boundary Fault (HBF) on the coast between Stonehaven and Arbroath to the south of Aberdeen. The LORS comprises a thick (9 km) succession of sandstones and conglomerates. The Highland Boundary Fault, a major crustal scale structure that bounds the lowlands and highlands of Scotland is thought to have formed the northern fault bounded margin of the basin as part of a strike-slip or transitional basin setting. Recent work has indicated however, that this is incorrect and that the HBF was not active at the time of LORS deposition. Paleocurrent and facies analysis indicates that instead much of the succession was deposited in a foreland basin derived from a Caledonian mountain range to the east/northeast that has now been eroded and lies beneath the Mesozoic basin-fill of the Central North Sea. £95.00 per person no accommodation included Led by Adrian Hartley and Steve Adams – University of Aberdeen 

Further Information: 

This trip will depart from Aberdeen bright and early each morning, on the 29th June and 30th June and will return to Aberdeen each evening.  

No accommodation or meals are provided for this trip. All meals will need to be sourced by yourself. The Drivers will arrange for stops en-route to facilitate this. Due to the remote-ness of the locations, it is to be expected that choices may be limited.